Trustee Services

We can act on your behalf during your lifetime, not just post mortem. Our team provides extensive knowledge of taxation, investments, fiduciary law and trust administration. Advantages of SMBT vs. family member: expertise, experience, consistent investment procedures, permanence, audited, controlled, and insured. Trustee capacities we serve: Charitable Trust and Foundations, Special Needs Trusts, Revocable and Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, and Trustee for Families.

Estate Settlement

Avoid potential family conflict by naming SMBT as executor. Reduce stress and additional burdens after the loss of a loved one. Duties: Interpreting instructions contained in the will, collecting estate assets, maintaining records, paying expenses, notifying creditors, reporting to probate court, filing income tax returns, etc.

Personal Representation

We can help if someone was named as successor trustee or personal representative, but does not want to or does not feel they have the expertise to fulfill their duties.

  • Investment management
  • Tax coordination
  • Administrative responsibilities

Conservator Accounts

Appointed by court to assist clients that are unable to manage their own financial affairs. Common circumstances: advanced age, incapacity/illness, or minor child. Duties: protect the interests of the individual.

Other Services

  • Estate planning assistance
  • Charitable Giving assistance
  • Elder Services
  • Asset Transfer Assistance

Products provided by Southern Michigan Bank & Trust’s Wealth Management department are not FDIC insured. They may lose value and there is no bank guarantee.
Consult your legal and/or tax advisors before making any financial decisions.