SMBT is compatible with mobile wallets: Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay. 

What are mobile wallets? Instead of swiping or inserting your card at a register, transactions are authorized on your mobile phone by your fingerprint or PIN. Your card numbers are never exposed during this transaction so it is the safer way to pay
How do I add my SMB&T card to mobile wallets?  Visit the appropriate app store for your device and follow the instructions provided. Once your card is verified, you can begin using your SMBT debit card through your mobile wallet.
Is my information secure with mobile wallets?  Using mobile wallets for payment, whether it is an in-person or online transaction, is more secure than using your physical card. There are several layers of authentication, along with tokenization, to ensure your information is protected. Mobile wallets do not store your card numbers on a device, and thus your name, card number, and security code are never revealed to merchants.
Are there any fees to use mobile wallets? SMBT does not charge any fees to use your card through mobile wallets. Text message and data rates from your wireless carrier may apply.

P2P Safety Info  Learn more about how to safely use mobile payment apps and services. 
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