Custom Account Alerts

Create custom alerts for your transactions and activity for your accounts.

  • Text message alerts
  • Email alerts
  • Login alerts – through Online Banking
Alerts can be set up for:
  • Events
    • Incoming wires
    • Incoming ACH credits/debits
    • Insufficient funds (NSF)
    • Statements or notices available
    • Maturing loans
    • Maturing CD's
    • Transfers failed (NSF)
    • Expired transfers
    • Email address change
    • Mobile number change
    • Password change
  • Balances
    • Fall above a set amount you choose
    • Fall below a set amount you choose
  • Items
    • If a check or other specific item clears a certain account
  • Personal
    • Set up personal alert messages as reminders 
    • One time only or recurring reminders

To sign up for account alerts, you must have online banking. 

Fraud Center Alerts

Receive alerts from SMB&T Fraud Center, which monitors debit card activity to help prevent fraud.

  • Fraud Center alerts are active on all debit cards (You do not need to sign up for these)
  • These alerts are based on transactions in real time and Fraud Center messages MUST be responded to
    • There are time limits to respond in order to prevent further high risk transactions

Fraud Center Alerts Process

When a high risk card transaction is blocked:
  • An email is sent to the cardholder
  • After 1 minute without a response, a text message will be sent to the cardholder
  • After 5 minutes without a response, a phone call and voicemail is sent to all cardholder devices
  • Cardholder must respond to verify it is a legitimate transaction or report the transaction as fraud
  • After 15 minutes without a response, the card is turned off to prevent further potential fraud

Save the contact information below so you will know when you are contacted by Fraud Center:
  • TEXT SHORTCODE   328-74
  • PHONE   800-417-4592

Message and data rates from your mobile carrier may apply.