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Real Customers.  Real Perspectives.
Want to hear what people have to say about our bank? Here are a few sound bites:


“I have been banking with SMB&T for over ten years.  The staff has always been courteous and professional.  I enjoy the personal experience every time I do business with SMB&T.”

Tom M.
Battle Creek, MI


"Southern Michigan Bank & Trust is my favorite bank in Mendon and St. Joseph County."

Leendert B.
Mendon, MI


After winning SMB&T's $100 Debit Card monthly promotion:  "I have never won anything like this before.  I have been banking with Southern Michigan for many years.  I love my bank."

Melissa B.
Tekonsha, MI


"We have been a customer for many years and are very happy with the service."

Terri I.
Sherwood, MI


After winning SMB&T's $100 Debit Card monthly promotion:  “Winning the contest was a great surprise.  Only a small part of why I do my banking with SMB&T.  The people here are the friendliest and easy to work with.”

Chad A.
Tekonsha, MI


“I am very thankful for the quality of service I receive with SMB&T.”

Mandi M.
Union City, MI


“I have banked with SMB&T since high school.  I opened up my first savings and checking accounts at SMB&T.  I love their service and friendly faces.”

Stephanie G.
Union City, MI


After winning SMB&T's $100 Debit Card monthly promotion:  “What a surprise!  My debit card gets a lot of use and it’s nice to get rewarded for using it.  Thank you, Southern Michigan Bank & Trust.”

Peggy M.
Camden, MI


"Mr. Brooks and the tellers at the Union City branch are all tremendous employees.  I am very thankful for all they do and have done for me.  They are all a pleasure to be around..."

Eric E.
Burlington, MI