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If you'd like help finding a savings account or fund that's right for you, contact us today!  If you are managing high balances or a complex financial portfolio, consider contacting the Southern Financial Group.

Statement Savings 
An account allowing you to earn interest and make deposits and withdrawals at any time, for any amount.

  • Balance to Open $200
  • Minimum Balance to Avoid Maintenance Fee $200
  • $3 Maintenance Fee If Below Minimum
  • $5 Charge Per Withdrawal After 6 Per Month
  • Maintenance Fee Waived for Accounts Held by Minors
  • Free eStatements**

Saving accounts help make your goals a reality.  Here are a few tips for growing your savings!


Certificates of Deposit 
A savings tool designed to offer a higher interest rate for those who do not need the money available for a predetermined amount of time.

  • Balance to Open $500
  • Interest Rate Fixed for Specific Term of Deposit
  • Terms of Deposit 6-60 Months
  • Interest Paid on Balance or Credited to SMB&T Accounts
  • Automatic Renewal

Step Up Feature:  With Southern, you not only enjoy a competitive rate on CDs, but you get an added perk.  All SMB&T CDs come with a built in option to bump up your rate at any time if our current rate improves for an equivalent CD term.  This feature is available once during the life of the certificate.


  CD Step Up Feature

IRAs: Savings Account 
A retirement savings plan designed for employed individuals under 70 ½ years old who are interested in planning for a financially secure retirement.

  • Minimum of $500 to Open Fixed IRA
  • Minimum of $100 to Open Variable IRA
  • Taxes May Be Deferred on Interest Earned
  • Contributions May Be Tax Deductible Dependent on the Account Type (Consult Your Trusted Tax Advisor for Details)

Christmas Club 
A savings tool designed to provide money for holidays.

  • Balance to Open $5
  • Minimum of $5 per Payment
  • Interest Paid Annually
  • Account Balance Paid via Direct Deposit in November
  • Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly Payment Programs Available
  • Deposit Account Only

Investment/Money Market 
A traditional, secure savings account for higher balances.

  • Balance to Open $1,000
  • Minimum Balance to Avoid Maintenance Fee $1,500
  • Maintenance Fee If Below Minimum $10
  • Interest Calculated and Credited Monthly
  • Interest Tiered Based on Account Balance
  • Monthly Statements and eStatements Available, Combined Statements Available With Multiple Accounts
  • Free Online Banking**
  • Personalized Checks Available
  • Transfers/Debits Limited to 6 per Statement Cycle*

Health Savings Account 
Account to pay for qualified medical expenses while earning interest.

  • Balance to Open $50
  • No Minimum Balance
  • Interest Calculated Daily Based and Credited Monthly
  • Interest Tiered Based on Account Balance
  • Unlimited Withdrawals for Qualified Medical Expenses
  • Monthly Statements
  • Free Online Banking**
  • Free HSA Debit Card
  • Set-Up Fee $15
  • Personalized Checks Available

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-   Ask a New Account Representative for current interest rates.  Interest rates are subject to change.
*  Transfers from an investment savings account to another account or to third parties are limited to six per statement cycle.
** Fees from your mobile or data carrier may apply.