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Harper Creek Community Schools

I've been with the school district for about 35 years, and have gone through 3 or 4 banking changes. This is the one that has gone the smoothest, and I think has been the most positive for all of our employees. 

Carol Davis
Finance Director of Harper Creek Community Schools



Curt Albright Farms

We have one-on-one with Southern. They understand farmer's needs. Southern Michigan took a chance on Albright Farms. 

Curt & Jan Albright



Cornwell's Turkeyville USA & Turkeyville Campground

I would always recommend Southern Michigan to people because they believe in the dreams and thoughts of small town people. 

Patti Cornwell



Branch County Community Foundation

When Southern contacted me about some of the eSolutions they have, I was absolutely thrilled. This is what I have been looking for for years. 

Colleen Knight



Coldwater Orthodontics

The service we have received from Southern Michigan is second to none. Looking for solutions that are easy to implement and improve our processes are really important to us.   

Jennifer Poe
Treatment Coordinator



Perfection Commercial Services, Inc.

They are bringing more to the table all the time - I don't have to reach out to them for it. Southern Michigan Bank & Trust is protecting the fact that it is always about serving the customer, and the customer's needs. If you take care of your people and you take care of your customers, then you company is taken care of.

Laura Kujawa



Drake Business Services, Inc.

They (SMB&T) are big enough to have the tools and resources that a large bank would have, and small enough to have the feel and relationship that a small bank would have. 

Dave Sutton
Drake Business Services, Inc.




Bella Vista Golf Course and Oscar Brown’s Tavern

SMB&T has been there for all of our banking needs. With the help of Southern, we have been able to turn this formerly foreclosed property into a beautiful, thriving addition to Branch County.

Ron Cary

  Bella Vista Golf Course and Oscar Browns's Tavern


Centreville Family Dentistry

Implementing state-of-the-art banking technologies and systems into an already established business can be intimidating.  SMB&T took all the stress out of the process.  They took on all of our issues as if they were their own, and helped us find solutions that made all of our jobs easier, more efficient, and more paperless.  Now we can focus on what we do best, and leave the banking to the experts at SMB&T.

Chad Thorpe
General Dentist (Owner)

  Centreville Family Dentistry

Great Lakes Chiropractic & Great Lakes Health and Fitness

Southern Michigan Bank & Trust has been our partner throughout this growth.  From the beginning, they set out to understand the ever-evolving environment of healthcare.  Southern has helped us navigate through these expansions and learn to manage more than one business.  They’ve grown considerably, yet they haven’t lost the personal touch I first experienced when I met our commercial lender, Tom Swoish, years ago.  I can call and get questions answered quickly.  They still meet us at our office on a busy day.  It really is the little things that make a big difference.

Sean and Kellie Groves

  Great Lakes Chiropractic


Metalloid Corporation

A trusted business associate strongly recommended we contact Kurt Miller at Southern Michigan Bank & Trust.  Kurt developed a thorough understanding of our business and vision.  This resulted in a tailor-made financing structure and cash management solution for Metalloid which enabled us to reach a new level of growth.

Fred Edwards

  Metalloid Corporation


Metalloid Corporation

I love the wire system Southern Michigan Bank & Trust uses.  I know when a transaction has come through within an hour.  Other financial institutions can take days.

Sheila Russ
Administrative Vice President

  Metalloid Corporation


Allen Edwin Homes

Southern Michigan Bank & Trust values what we value.  They use common sense in lending.  Southern worked to make the relationship beneficial for both sides and have become a partner with us.

Mike McGivney
Vice President / Sales and Marketing

  Allen Edwin Homes


Allen Edwin Homes

At a time when banks were worried about their own industry challenges, Southern Michigan Bank & Trust remained strong and was looking for new relationships.  They stepped in, sought to understand our business model and the marketplace in which we operate.

Scott Sanderson
President and Chief Executive Officer

  Allen Edwin Homes


Meyer C. Weiner Company

Many financial institutions would not have considered a project with so many moving parts.  The team at Southern Michigan Bank & Trust simply rolled up their sleeves, worked with everyone involved and created a successful solution that worked for everyone.

Josh Weiner

  Meyer C Weiner Company


Family Dental Home

It felt as though we were either part of the bank or Joan was part of the practice. She kept us on track and was always willing to answer our questions.

Dr. Martha Gomez

  Family Dental Home


Schuler’s Restaurant and Pub

They want to know their customers, give them what they want and need, and remain true to who they are.

Hans Schuler
Chairman & CEO

  Schuler's Restaurant and Pub


Seelye Auto Group, Seelye Ford, and Seelye Kia of Kalamazoo

This started out as a business deal, but Southern Michigan Bank & Trust invested in me.  They’ve built a relationship.  Southern operates very much like we do.  They uphold the values of integrity and hard work, and they figure out a way to get the deal done.  The term ‘enjoyable’ isn’t used very often in the same sentence as banking, but that’s exactly what this process was — enjoyable.

Mike Seelye
President of the Seelye Auto Group and Dealer Principal of Seelye Ford and Seelye Kia of Kalamazoo

  Seelye Auto Group


Yoder’s Country Market

It’s fulfilling to serve this community.  Now, we have a bank that believes the same thing we do.

Jon and Brenda Yoder

  Yoder's Country Market


Barone Farms and Dutcher Funeral Home

Banking can be a challenge.  However, the people at Southern Michigan Bank & Trust help make it painless.

Mark Barone (Owner of Barone Farms) and 
Kathy Barone (Licensed Funeral Director of Dutcher Funeral Home)

  Dutcher Funeral Home


Haylett Auto & RV and Haylett’s North Country Auto and RV

They are a first class team.  When you become a customer of Southern Michigan Bank & Trust, you gain a business partner with a vast amount of knowledge and experience.  We deal with so many aspects running our various operations, and Southern Michigan Bank & Trust can handle them all - from cash management and electronic banking to ACH and financing.

Dave Haylett

  Haylett Auto & RV


Sport Truck USA

They’ve always allowed us to pursue our company goals without worrying about adequate funding.  We believe in staying local whenever it’s possible.  A relationship with someone in your own backyard has a tendency to last through the many ups and downs of the business cycle.

Steve Olmstead

  Sport Truck USA


Radiology Consultants, PLC/Beckley Road Medical Building, LCC

If you are looking for a “no hassle” banking institution, or simply want one less thing to worry about, then Southern Michigan Bank & Trust is where you need, and should, go to handle all your banking and financial needs….they really make it easy with no complications.

Rocky Baxter
Business Manager

  Radiology Consultants, PLC


Three Rivers Health

I was impressed with Southern Michigan Bank & Trust as a regional bank.  They are large enough to support our needs, and they were able to develop an extremely complex financing solution.  Banking with them will allow us to reduce operating overhead, begin generating cash from operations, reinvest more in our facility in order to strengthen our balance sheet, and sustain and advance our mission while creating a better opportunity to survive in an ever-changing, unpredictable health care environment.

Bill Russell

  Three Rivers Health


Fibre Converters, Inc.

Southern is large enough to meet our client needs, and provide products and services at very competitive rates.

Jim Stuck
President and CEO

  Fibre Converters, Inc


TJ Rampit USA

When business sales really started skyrocketing, Southern was able to keep up with our financial needs.  I’m not sure that I would have been able to grow like I have without their help.   Southern has never said, ‘Hey, we can’t do that.’  The bank was willing to go out on a limb with us.

Ted Short, Jr.

  TJ Rampit USA


Union Pallet/Unified Properties

Great bank to work with.  Great rates, competitive and I like working locally.

Jon Slack
President and Owner


  Union Pallet/Unified Properties

Sunil Patel 

It's different at a community bank; when I have questions I can talk to someone and get the answers I need. I'm grateful to Southern for putting their trust in me to buy the properties and do what I love.

Sunil Patel

President and Owner




Sussex Vision Centers

We were able to take advantage of a few time-sensitive commercial real estate and tenant acquisitions because of Southern Michigan Bank & Trust's ability to move quickly and work outside the box. We would not be as successful...without the help of Southern.

Dr. Michael Sussex




Ritz-Craft Custom Homes 

Southern Michigan Bank & Trust has stepped up to the plate. Financing a facility like this isn't easy, but they've gone the extra mile and we have a genuine relationship. We have a good future together with Southern Michigan Bank & Trust, I feel confident about it.

Eric John

Vice President


All loans subject to credit approval.