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Southern Michigan Bank & Trust is now compatible with mobile wallets. 

Compatible with: Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay mobile wallets.


What are mobile wallets?

Instead of swiping your card at a register, transactions are authorized and processed by the touch of your fingerprint or PIN number.  Mobile wallets utilize tokenization for each transaction, so your card numbers are never truly exposed.  Tokenization creates a unique randomized set of numbers with each transaction to verify the payment.  Mobile wallet technology is leading the way for payment security and protection of your information.

How do I add my Southern Michigan Bank & Trust Debit Card to mobile wallet?

Visit the appropriate app for you phone and follow the instructions for adding your SMB&T debit card. Once your card is verified, you can begin using your SMB&T debit card through your mobile wallet!

What do I do when I receive a replacement or new debit card?

When your SMB&T debit card that is enrolled in mobile wallets expires, we will automatically update your card information within the mobile wallet on your behalf. For any new cards or replacement cards, you will need to add the card to your mobile wallet as a new card. Be sure to delete the previous card's information from your mobile wallet to ensure you use your current card. If you have set up any automatic payments from that card, be sure to notify the merchant with your new experiation date and three digit security (CVV) code on the back of your card. 

Is my information secure if I use mobile wallets?

Using mobile wallets for payment, whether you are using it in-store or online, is more secure than using your physical card. There are several layers of authentication, along with tokenization, to ensure your information is protected from unauthorized access. Mobile wallets do not store your debit card number on a device, therefore your name, debit card number, and CVV code are never revealed to merchants. For added protection, use SMB&T's Guardian Alerts along with your mobile wallet to be notified of any unsual transactions. Find out more information about Guardian Alerts here

Are there any fees for using mobile wallets?

Southern Michigan Bank & Trust does not charge any fees for using your debit card through Mobile Wallet.  Text message and data rates from your wireless carrier may apply.




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